Transaction confirmed in seconds ,and Eulo provides frozen exchange rate deposit business.

As a representative public blockchain in the Blockchain 3.0 era, with the ability of confirming transaction in seconds and anonymity, EULO provides excellent customer experience among all commercial DAPPs. Moreover, its unique world bank on the blockchain which is based on smart contract help maintain and appreciate assets value.



Q1 A project team has been established

  • Q2 EULO has completed the integration of PoW and PoS
  • Q4 The Zero-knowledge Proof has been integrated


Q1 The testing website has been launched

  • Q2 The mobile wallet has been developed
  • Q4 The IP protocol stack has been optimized
  • Q4 The IM based on the major network of EULO has been launched

2019 Q1-Q2

Q1 Oracle accesses to the major network after the integration

  • Q1 The POS node has been developed
  • Q2 The chain world bank has been launched
  • Q2 Super master node goes online

2019 Q3-Q4

Q3 The timed clearing system has been launched

  • Q4 Bulletproof accesses to the major network after the integration
  • Q4 The development of Hardware Cold Wallet has been completed

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Our advantages


Confirm the transaction in one second through the double-layer network architecture of “major node + super node”


Keep the user information private and safe by using the Zero-knowledge Proof.


Keep the assets in the user accounts safe by using the parallel consensus mechanism of PoW and PoS


The decentralized chain bank features forward RMB-FX trading and deposit businesses, which prevents the fluctuations of currency price effectively and gains the interest income.


The application scenarios are flexible and rich based on the smart contract mechanism of Ethereum.


Introduce the voting machines to perfect the community construction.